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Government workers also captured oral histories across Texas. They included the memories of dozens of former slaves — a collection known as the slave narratives. By the time of the Depression, the people who shared their stories had grown old. But their memories are often filled with vivid detail — a first-hand account of Texas life from a very different time. For rural Texans, the most important New Deal projects focused on improving the land and daily life. Farmers gathered to learn about soil conservation and modern planting techniques.

Workers planted trees to control erosion. And newly-built dams controlled floods and provided electricity — something that was unavailable in many areas until well into the s. For people who lived without electricity, daily life had changed little since the s. Food was kept in ice boxes — a poor match for summer heat. Water was pumped from the ground or carried from springs.

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Clothes were washed by hand, in washtubs heated over open fires. Much of that back-breaking work was done by women, who labored at home while men worked on the farm and in the fields. A young congressman from the Hill Country named Lyndon Johnson knew that life well, and he worked to bring electricity to rural Texas. When electric power began to arrive in the late s, it brought modernity to remote parts of the state. For many Tejanos and African Americans, the Depression brought new challenges to already-difficult lives.

Texas remained deeply segregated — by race and by custom. Job opportunities were limited, schools for Hispanic and black students were inferior and in many parts of the state the threat of violent attacks against blacks and Latinos remained very real.

The Depression exacerbated each of these problems. But the era also brought a new push for change. They brought the first legal challenges to segregation in Texas, fighting to improve access to education and end race-based violence. The change they sought came slowly. Events were held across the state to mark the hundredth anniversary of Texas independence from Mexico.

The money they brought and the jobs that were created helped to buffer Dallas from the worst of the Depression. It took U. With its long coastline, oil reserves and abundant land, Texas was ideally situated for war-related industrial and military facilities.

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  • New industries emerged, luring large numbers of people to the state and enticing rural residents into rapidly growing urban centers. More than 1.

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    Camps were also established for prisoners of war, and for people who were held in internment camps. By choosing I Accept , you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. Pocket Flipboard Email. Free Meals: Set your alarm clock between 11 a.

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    Say, "Go Texans" and receive a complimentary Chick-fil-A sandwich. It's a touchdown of a deal at Chick-fil-A's Silber and I location.

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    The offer is only available between 11 a. The deal is available the day after the Texans win from 11 a. Dallas Cowboys fans may have a tough time uttering such words from their lips.

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    A die-hard Texans fan? Don your Texans gear and receive a free medium sub sandwich of your choice at Firehouse Subs.

    The deal is available the day after a Texans win with purchase of chips and a beverage. Win or lose, Jack in the Box will offer a Monster Taco on the house when the Texans score two or more touchdowns.

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    The deal is available the days after a Texans game with an additional purchase and when saying "Texans Touchdowns for Tacos. The free cookie is available the Tuesday after the Texans win. Free Beverages: For the third consecutive year, the Houston Texans and Sonic Drive-In have partnered together for its much beloved deal: a free slush. The Tuesday after a Texans' win, fans can receive a free 20 ounce Battle Red slush. Receive a free 12 ounce Battle Red daiquiri the day after a Texans' win.

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