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Thank you. Apr 11, 9. Five years ago I couldn't have done it. But, I've lately stopped buying knives and I actually do only carry two on a regular basis: an Emerson CQC-8 most of the time and a Spyderco Yojimbo 2 if the Emerson is too big.

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I still have over knives in the closet but I no longer feel the need to buy and carry anything new or different. Maybe I've just been here too long Apr 11, I think I could do with 5 no problem. That way if I choose to, I could carry a different one each work day I generally just carry at work anyway, and around the house. Does that challenge in turn mean you can't buy any new releases as well?

I think that might be hard for me to be forced to be unable to change the collection, rather than just limiting the number of pieces in it. It looks like it. ShannonSteelLabs likes this. Added a poll. Should I also be allowed to use kitchen cutlery, utility knives, etc.

Should I use my carry knife for ALL cutting tasks during the challenge?

I should also note that I always carry a SAK along with my primary knife. It rarely gets used to cut though. Its primarily a screw driver, pry bar, nail file, etc. P2P likes this. So I was going to say, that you should just carry a SAK. Other knives come and go But I have to admit, those are some damn sweet scales, and as for the challenge, I'd say go for it.

TLE, I want to read about your progress! Every now and again I like mixing things up to keep it fresh. Good luck with your challenge! Keep us informed.

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Anderson likes this. I normally carry 3 everyday. I suppose if I were limited to just 2 knives, I'd keep the Stockman and , and add the Huntsman or 4 blade Scout as a "multi-tool". EDIT: I almost forgot.

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There is a SAK "Signature" on my keyring, too. That way I always have a pen on me. Thanks for posting this. It will interesting to see what you think at the end. There is a lot of value to picking something you really like and sticking with it. Otherwise, you never have the "I've used this for 10 years and it's been great" stuff. I've been thinking a lot about what I actually like to carry and use.

Now I have a lot of knives and have spent time organizing them into Plano boxes and only keeping a few in a drawer for pocket duty. I don't mind having knives that I don't carry if it means enjoying other ones more. For all non-pocket knife tasks, I would use the appropriate tool whether a utility knife, kitchen knife, or dinner knife.

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