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I have switched also. Or just stop buying their toxic crap that is tested on animals. There are reasonable alternatives to everything P and G, Unilever, and Dial Corp makes in the form of cruelty free ethical products. Move over p and g.

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Persil has taken over!!! The heck with tide and your other overpriced products!!!! My local grocery store does not offer a loyalty card, so I miss out on all of the deals for those. If coupons stop, I will be very upset. The local CVS said they will no longer take coupons that beep so I quit trying. If this fraud is happening because the security measures on the coupons are being ignored by cashiers the issue is not with consumers or the Redemption or suspected abuse. How could crooks redeem more than they were permitted if the cashier had used the e-verification features embedded in the offer?

It is just like credit card or cash or anything else it can be abused it can be Counterfeit it can fund more nefarious acts so why is it being treated any different in terms of training and education? I used to demo things in Walmart. When we had Persil, I thought the deal was good, loved the fragrances, and bought a bottle.

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Whenever I can, I use Persil. I was able to truthfully tell customers what a super product it is did several Persil demos. Do hope it did that! No contest. Funny thing about this. When brands and stores make things difficult I just stop shopping with them.

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Of course, some of my coupons beeped. This meant that the coupons were coded improperly and attached to the wrong products.

Also explains why some coupons beep—the system does not think the correct product or quantity of products was purchased. Coupon did not come off, so I called Customer Service and they credited me with points for the coupon value.

Would make it so much easier. I find that the printed coupons are hit or miss if they scan. Now we just go without if we can and I buy the minimum of essential products. Off topic, but does someone have the email address for Catalina coupons. What can I do to get stores added? Noticed on another site about a wk ago, too. I had several that I honestly had in zip bags, refusing to trash!

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Many would say, it gets hard…the box says, dissolve in hot water!! Everytime I find a great product, be it nmakeup, etc. Grrr lol. Thanks for the tips on BIZ! I remember that being around for a long time — since I was little! I wish we could back to straight paper coupons, like what you get in your newspaper. Not user-friendly at all. Does anyone know if the Tide and Gain coupons printed from the Brandsaver website that have an expiration date on the next day really cannot be used after that date? Are these coupons different from other manufacturer coupons used at CVS or Kroger that do not beep on the register until so many days have passed since the expiration printed on the coupon?

It is very difficult sometimes to use the coupons in one day. I was wondering if anyone tried to use these coupons a few days after the expiration and was able to do so. Hi there! They cannot be used after their expiration date. Maybe wait to print them until you know for sure you are heading out to the store within the next day.

Hoping that helps! Thanks for your response. I will try to do it like you said but sometimes plans change and I cannot go when I think I will. No other coupon that I have ever used only gave one day to use. Your email address will not be published. Respond to this post. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Don't Miss Out!

Join our large community of insiders - it's totally free! What are ya waiting for?! By Mary Senior Staff Writer. Getting Toasty! Print today. Use by tomorrow??

Here are my favorite coupon sites: Coupons. In magazines — Lots of magazines often have hidden coupons inside. Store Weekly Circulars — Often stores like Target will have extra coupons available right in their weekly ads, which makes it very convenient for you to save! Hiplist Print 58 Comments.

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Did you see these posts? Easy Peasy. Reply 2. Tia July 26, at pm MST. Lex21 July 26, at pm MST. Exactly my thoughts, plus a lot of stores have started not accepting printed coupons in my area. Di July 26, at pm MST. Thank you for this post! Jessica July 26, at pm MST. Reply 3. Maggie July 26, at pm MST. Reply 1. Betty July 26, at pm MST. Sara July 26, at pm MST. Sunflower July 26, at pm MST. Sophia July 26, at pm MST. A July 26, at pm MST.

Sylvia July 26, at pm MST. Shaunn July 26, at pm MST. Thanks to all the companies offering coupons. I really appreciate them! Shaunn July 27, at am MST. Juju July 26, at pm MST. Lauren G. July 26, at pm MST. Tina July 26, at pm MST. Teresa July 26, at pm MST. Lindsers8 July 26, at pm MST. Bunny July 26, at pm MST. Denise July 26, at pm MST. Brooke July 27, at pm MST. Betsy July 27, at pm MST. Annette July 30, at pm MST.