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It has a high capacity Pyrex glass tank and a 2. The overall setup is impressive as you are about to learn, and the platinum version has an authentic and modern look that works wonders over long periods of time. You really will like the solid body and design as well as the high capacity tank.

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This starter kit is an excellent recommendation for anyone looking for a vape pen that can handle heavy-duty output and serious use every day. Plus it looks fantastic! This attractive looking starter kit has excellent functionality and it really works great.

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Some look at this vaporizer model as a basic version, but it has an excellent reputation and it performs admirably. The vaporizer has a puff counter, a digital screen and MAH, so it provides a solid vaping experience and can handle quite a bit of use.

Vaporfi starter kit review (Ecig) by Safe Smoke Australia

Some say that this model is more than a beginner can handle, but they also say that it is not enough for the experienced vaper. So take that as you will. This cool looking starter kit is great because it has a clever, modern standup charger. This will allow you to display it as it charges and this is a cool feature that many people really seem to enjoy. The Rocket starter kit is finally taking us out of the range of basic starters.

This is a powerful device that will never let you down, and this model gets five stars no matter where you are by everybody that has used it. The overall design is perfect, and it delivers huge clouds of vapor and it produces an excellent flavor. But the best perk of all is that this vaporizer is so simple to use. So you can just tell that you will get exceptional performance.

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Plus the rocket tank that is available in the kit is also very powerful, and it has a dual coil set up with airflow control which makes the vapor action off the charts. This is just an impressive device that we know you are going to love. And you can fine-tune it so that it does exactly what you want it to do. This excellent vaporizer is timeless, and for those who have used and experienced it they always say that they love the Rebel. At first, this might seem like an intimidating vaporizer for some users, and this is especially true if you are relatively new to vaping.

The controls might seem intimidating in the very beginning, but it will take a little bit of time to get used to the digital settings. For hands-on users, this vaporizer is a dream. It is definitely designed with the expert in mind, so if you plan on doing some heavy duty vaping then this is the device for you. The Rebel II takes the original starter kit and brings it to the next level.

It takes all of the awesomeness of the Rebel and then improves it and upgrades it. Are you the kind of person that hates to mess around with settings? Are you lazy with your vaping? Then you may not want to try the Rebel II. But for everyone else and especially those that are interested in totally customizing their experience, this beast is going to be the perfect vaporizer to try. Remember, you have to like toying around with settings and getting things just perfect based on your own preferences. This device is made for you if you are interested in creating the perfect settings to meet your needs.

It has top-tier vapor production and will always provide a pleasurable experience. Just remember that this bad ass starter kit is not for everyone. We are saying this very sincerely because we know that this machine was built to outdo all of the rest, and it has high quality and the best performance that we have ever seen. No one has created a device that can even compare to this.

The design is very light and sleek, and you will notice this immediately. But as far as performance is concerned, they have taken this to another level.

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It is impressive to use this device because of the fantastic performance. One of the biggest things that we noticed is the superior battery performance. So a high powered device is definitely great for those in need of it. As far as mods go, the customization options are second to none. Nobody has ever created a vaporizer with so many excellent options. But you must be aware that you will need to have a working knowledge of vaping components in order to put this vaporizer fully to work.

Plus, the upgrading capabilities of this device are second to none, so if you plan to upgrade in the future than this is definitely the device that you should buy. While this might not seem like the typical VaporFi product that you are used to, we did want to mention that they also tapped into the dry herb market. And they did an excellent job and we are incredibly pleased with the high quality vaporizers that they have put out. And for those looking to use herbs instead of liquids, this is definitely an excellent option to have.

One thing that will immediately grab your attention is the fact that the orbit is very affordable and low in price. When you compare it to similar products on the market, you will see that this is definitely a high quality and affordable option.

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It goes without saying that this is a vaporizer that will truly impress you, and the orbit is awesome so you will be very happy once you give it a try. When compared to other vaporizers, you can bet your bottom dollar that it is absolutely worth it. To save simply click below to visit and receive free shipping.

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  5. No need to enter any coupons. Vaporfi work a little differently with their voucher codes. Instead of entering a code at checkout, like most stores, you simply use the link above and the discount is applied to your shopping cart automatically. Depending on what Vaporfi product you buy, you will see a checkout screen like the one below. Nice and simple! As mentioned, Vaporfi really do cover all bases. If you have a device then the Vaporfi e liquids are a must try. From budget to premium they have all flavours covered. If you are looking for a vape pen then the Pro 3 kit is a great option that does the job of replicating the feeling of smoking.

    All In One Device that is compact yet packed with features.

    This box mod stands out due to the tank being built into the body of the device. Then there is the Vaporfi e liquid offering. They have available over 30, flavours! Yep… You read that right.